Art trail - Howard Griffin Gallery

On Saturday my friend Liz and I decided to have a free day of art, and as it was the start of Design week there was plenty to chose from.

We started by seeing an exhibition we didn't mean to (stupid timeout with its out of date information) at the Howard Griffin Gallery on Shoreditch High Stree. The exhibition was called John and George, and it had a really nice story,

John was a well known homeless man who used to sit on Shoreditch High Street, he used to talk to the commuters and telling them about his life and he used to sell drawings he had done to pass the time. 

He would draw the buildings around him and also George, his dog. 

His first exhibition was at Howard Griffin in 2013 and he has returned this year for his second show. 

The first thing we saw was a giant drawing of George the dog, and then glancing over to the desk at the front of the Gallery was the real George - so that was nice, apparently John sometimes leaves George at the Gallery for an hour or so.


The space was really nice, big and was full of exposed brick work, it really suited the work, which was mainly line drawings and screen prints of the buildings around Shoreditch.

At the back of the space were three walls covered in A4 sketches of George hung on bulldog clips, these were on sale for £50 and it already looked like lots had been bought.


It's a really nice exhibition to look round, and I think knowing the story makes it even better, if you want to take a look you will need to hurry as this is only on until 21st September.


Recently I visited a cornershop in Bethnal green selling all the usuals you would expect. The only difference is this was actually the total opposite of what you would expect.

The 'Cornershop' is an art installation of around 4000 everyday items made from felt. Lucy Sparrow, the maker of this wonder, has spent over 7 months making each and every product you would find in your local convenience store.

From penny sweets in jars, to cigarettes, dirty magazines to frozen chips and ice lollies, it really is an amazing thing to see.


It was so difficult to pick a favourite, they were all so great, I did really like the sweets, chocolates and crisps, but then these are all my favourite things any way.

If you fancy a visit, the shop is at 19 Wellington Row, London, E2 7BB and open everyday in August 10am-7pm. Don't worry if you can't make it, there is also a shop online where you can purchase all the items which are on sale in the shop