Somerset House

Yesterday I visited Somerset house to see the Print Club London's film poster exhibition. I got there to find that there was also the AOI world illustration awards exhibition - Bonus!

There was some absolutely stunning pieces of illustration work in the exhibition, and there were some lovely books to look through too, I think my favourite piece was the one above by Nicholas Stevenson, I love going to exhibitions and finding new artists, illustrators and sources of inspiration. 

The exhibition is on until 29th August at the Embankment galleries in the south wing, also, on Thursdays there is an 'Artists show and tell'.

The Print Club London film poster exhibition is on in the East wing galleries, which was such a beautiful light setting, amongst old fire places and plants, it had such a lovely feel to it.

The prints all relate to a film which is shown each night on a large screen between 4th-17th August, and you can buy the prints and other cool things in the little shop at the exhibition. Who doesn't love a look round a gift shop?!

There are events, workshops and demonstrations happening through out the exhibition and a film reel of the prints being made at the Print Club London Studio.

The exhibition is on until 17th August in the East wing galleries.

Art Trail - 100 Cats

Following on from my previous posts of my 'Art trail' (you can see the other exhibitions I visited here and here) our last exhibition of the day was 100 Cats.


The title alone was inviting enough. it was an exhibition of feline themed art and illustration at the Hackney Downs Studios in the A-Side B-Side gallery.

The exhibition was curated by illustrator Laura Hughes, and was made up of 100 illustrations of all different types and styles of cats by 36 different artists.


There was such a range of styles and they were all great, artists involved in the exhibition included Faye Moorhouse, Lorna Scobie, Laura Hughes, Sandra Dieckmann, Emma Block and many more.

Art trail - Print Club London Blisters 2014

Blisters: The sound Sessions was the second exhibition of our weekend Art trail, if you didn't see the first one you can see that here.

The Print Club London is a print studio in London that often put exhibition on, this one was the 5th of its kind. 


There was 40 exhibiting artists each with an edition of 40 signed prints for only £40 each.

The posters were all inspired by music and all so different in style and colour. The exhibition was held in MC Motors which is a large events venue opposite the studios, it was filed with an array of vintage props including a portrait of the Royal family which was hung at the very top of the very high walls.


This Rose Blake print was my favourite of all the prints, but I also liked the two below, maybe it's the matching colours? 


Unfortunately the show has now finished - I will be sure to go again next year, maybe i'll even have some money to buy one - as it was supposed to be a free art day I couldn't really buy one this time. 

Art trail - Howard Griffin Gallery

On Saturday my friend Liz and I decided to have a free day of art, and as it was the start of Design week there was plenty to chose from.

We started by seeing an exhibition we didn't mean to (stupid timeout with its out of date information) at the Howard Griffin Gallery on Shoreditch High Stree. The exhibition was called John and George, and it had a really nice story,

John was a well known homeless man who used to sit on Shoreditch High Street, he used to talk to the commuters and telling them about his life and he used to sell drawings he had done to pass the time. 

He would draw the buildings around him and also George, his dog. 

His first exhibition was at Howard Griffin in 2013 and he has returned this year for his second show. 

The first thing we saw was a giant drawing of George the dog, and then glancing over to the desk at the front of the Gallery was the real George - so that was nice, apparently John sometimes leaves George at the Gallery for an hour or so.


The space was really nice, big and was full of exposed brick work, it really suited the work, which was mainly line drawings and screen prints of the buildings around Shoreditch.

At the back of the space were three walls covered in A4 sketches of George hung on bulldog clips, these were on sale for £50 and it already looked like lots had been bought.


It's a really nice exhibition to look round, and I think knowing the story makes it even better, if you want to take a look you will need to hurry as this is only on until 21st September.