A new beginning..

This week marked the beginning of something new and exciting.

With a slow and unsure start to the year - after deciding laser cut jewellery was no longer what I wanted to do, and my day job contract coming to an end - I couldn't find any jobs I wanted to do. I didn't feel confident in my abilities as a designer/illustrator to go out and get a job in it, and I certainly didn't want to carry on working in admin. With the support and encouragement from my other half, I took the scary steps in to going back to college to study and learn the skills required to get a creative job.

After some research I found Shillington College, a full-time three month intensive graphic design course. Learning relevant industry skills from practising designers, the aim is to leave with a portfolio of high quality work, ready to go out and get a job in the design industry.

I have just finished my first week, and when they say intensive, they mean it. We crammed so much in to a few days, learning the basics of InDesign as well as the design principles - we worked on a number of briefs for newspapers and magazines. Not only that, there were also some awkward ice breakers, one of which was having to film a dance routine (part of a treasure hunt challenge - and my team won) The tutors showed us their portfolios, and ended Friday in the pub - we needed it!

I am really excited about the next three months, but also completely terrified too. I know I will pick up the Adobe suite, I have some experience in this - mostly self taught. What I am worried about is not being able to come up with good ideas, can this be taught? Can I learn how to come up with good ideas, I just don't know. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I'll update here on how it goes, hopefully with some design work, ideas and progress.