All good things come to an end

If any of you follow me on Instagram or any other social media channels you may have noticed I am selling my laser cutter and other bits and bobs from my studio. It has been a decision I haven't made lightly and has taken a long time to finally say 'this is the end'. 

A lot of people have said that its the wrong decision, 'carry on', 'you're doing great'. And I appreciate that people like my pieces and it's so nice to know people think it's worth carrying on, but behind the scenes I have been pretty unhappy for a while, getting upset, ending up in tears and hiding under my duvet for days and having my other half constantly having to pick up the pieces. 

I finally made the decision to stop making laser cut jewellery about 4-5 months ago, and slowly started winding down, I instantly felt better, like a weight had been lifted. I also had a lot of worries, I currently work part time and starting again means I won't be making much money, so now I am trying to find a full time job - a new worry - but I know this will take the pressure off, and if I don't end up finding a job I like, it will encourage me to work hard at home to make money from my new work.

So, my new work.. The plan is to focus more on illustrations, after all this is what my degree is in, I would love to get a job within design but I don't feel I am good enough on photoshop etc, and don't feel confident enough to do this, so to start I will work on prints and hopefully print on fabric and stationery too. 

A look further in to the future I am going to start saving up for a graphic design course, (a bit difficult at the moment - with a wedding and mortgage to save for) hopefully here I will gain the experience, confidence and the skills to go on to working freelance or work in a design studio - but for now, I need to sell my laser cutter - pay back my dad for this, find a full time job and most importantly get drawing.