A video in my studio

If you are visiting my blog, I am assuming you have seen the video on the homepage of my website. If you haven’t seen it go to my homepage or click here to see the video on YouTube.

It’s a short video showing me in my workshop/studio doing what I do best. You see me go through the process of making jewellery from start to finish, starting with sketching and transferring the design to the computer and finishing with cutting out the pieces from acrylic and finally attaching them all together.


The videographer was the super talented John Barker, he did a great job and as scared and nervous as I was he made me feel at ease. I did feel really silly at times, and I think at one point in the video you can see me giggling away when I'm pretending to press buttons on my laser cutter.

The filming process took about 4-5 hours, and then John shot some extra bits around the studio after that it was time for the dreaded interview. This was the bit I was not looking forward to and actually suggested the video shouldn't have any narration, but John insisted, so he attached a microphone to me and we had a 30 minute 'chat' where he forced me (in a nice way) to say my name, so people can hear how to say it. Once that was over I had done my part and the rest was down to John.

We did the filming and interview, and in a super quick turnaround I received the video in my inbox, it was so exciting but I was so scared to watch it (having heard the rumour you put on 10lbs when you’re in front of the camera) but I loved it.


I am really nosey and enjoy seeing where people work and what they do so I'm glad to share my little story and creative process.

If you’re interested in doing the same I would really encourage you to contact John, he is super talented and so friendly, you will have a really fun day and get something amazing out of it.

You can visit John's website here, and see the blog post he did all about the making of the video here.